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International Admissions and Career Consulting Experts

Advantas helps students and job applicants around the world achieve their goals by assisting them with crafting effective application materials and providing expert strategic advice. Our company was founded to help address the lack of quality application consulting for non-native English speakers and has since been extremely successful in assisting both American and international clients. Today, we are an international team of admissions and job placement experts who excel at helping clients land their dream jobs and get into the top schools in the United States and abroad.

Our Founders

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Our Editorial Staff

Artem A.

B.S. Columbia University
M.B.A. New York University, Stern School of Business

Catherine B.

B.A. Butler University (English Literature and Creative Writing)
M.F.A. University of Arizona (Poetry)
M.F.A. Columbia University (Non-Fiction)
M.A. Columbia University (English and Comparative Literature)
Ph.D. Candidate Columbia University (Narrative and Cognition)

Jessica H.

B.A. Columbia University (Creative Writing)
M.F.A. Columbia University (Creative Nonfiction Writing)
Ph.D. Candidate University of North Texas (English and Creative Nonfiction Writing)
Has taught College Writing and Creative Writing at the university level.

Dov S.

B.S. Harvard University
J.D. George Washington University Law School

Vadim S.

B.S. Brooklyn College
M.D. Candidate Harvard Medical School

Elena K.

B.S. Columbia University
M.D. Downstate Medical School