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Master the LSAT with hands-on private tutoring by the experts!

The LSAT coaches at Advantas have only one objective: to help you get the best LSAT score possible. Whether you are just beginning to prepare or are trying to get the extra boost toward the 180, our individualized coaching will be the best value in terms of both your time and your money. Instead of following a rigid curriculum lectured by disinterested instructors, you can work one-on-one with tutors of the highest caliber and learn to beat the LSAT as they did. Let us help you get there!

Private Coaching Highlights:

  • All of our LSAT coaches have scored in the 98th percentile and above.
  • We select only extremely effective teachers with an unparalleled ability to transfers their skills to others.
  • You can receive a FREE complete one-hour LSAT consultation, with no commitment!

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