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At a Glance:

We guide our clients through all aspects of the admissions process for MBA programs, providing expert advice and assistance with editing of all application materials. Whether you would like us to review a draft of an essay or a resume, or to be your partner for all of your applications from start to finish – the choice is yours. All of our services come with a Complete Money Back Guarantee.*

Services We Provide:

  • Personalized Strategy Counseling:
    • Selection of business schools. We will assist you in selecting an effective mix of schools to focus on by determining which schools would best further your unique personal and professional goals and evaluating your chances of being admitted to different programs.
    • Individual application strategy. We will help you leverage your credentials effectively by highlighting your strengths and overcoming possible weaknesses.
  • Essays:
    • Essay preparation. The most difficult work in creating a personal statement comes before actually beginning to write. We can help you decide on a topic and organize and outline your essay. It is not always easy to anticipate what will work and what will not. Our expertise can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your individuality will shine through in the essay and distinguish you from other applicants.
    • Essay writing process. There is no single way to write a perfect essay. An effective personal statement must showcase who you are as an individual while presenting you in the best possible light, cover the themes that a particular business school is looking for, and be well-organized. Every part of each essay must make sense on its own and fit into the overall framework of your application. In addition, an effective admissions essay must shine in all respects: correct syntax and perfect grammar, consistent style and flow, effective transitions and use of introductions and conclusions throughout. We can help ensure that your essay is as powerful and impressive as possible by focusing both on high-level and low-level aspects through detailed in-depth evaluation and editing of your drafts.
  • Resume evaluation, strategy and editing.
    • The resume you submit with your business school application is different from one you would use when applying for a job. It is the first and, arguably, the most important document evaluated by the admissions committee. We will ensure that your resume makes you look your best by working with you on strategy and content before reviewing and editing the details to help make it perfect.
  • Complete application review:
    • Detailed review for effectiveness and consistency. It is important to review all parts of your application together to ensure that your essays and answers to application questions flow well, are consistent, and avoid redundancy. We will review your application in its entirety to ensure you are presenting your candidacy as effectively as possible.
    • Professional proofreading of the entire application packet. After all the hours of brainstorming, drafting, and editing, there are almost always simple typos and basic errors that look embarrassing in an otherwise strong application and make the applicant appear careless. For this reason, we use professional proofreaders to review all written materials before they are submitted.
  • Recommendations:
    • Selection of recommenders and topics. Receiving a powerful recommendation requires more than simply approaching people with impressive titles and asking them to write you a business school recommendation. We can help you choose the best people to advocate on your behalf and to find the right way to suggest particular topics that should be covered. It can take months for you to get the necessary recommendations, so it is important to begin this process as soon as possible after you have decided on an application strategy.
    • Evaluation of completed recommendation, if applicable. A mediocre recommendation can do more harm than good to your application. In the event it is possible for you to see your recommendations before they are submitted, we can review them to ensure they are effective.

To select the services that are right for you, please contact us or read more about our packages.

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