Medical School Admissions Consulting and MCAT Coaching

International Admissions and Career Consulting Experts

At Advantas we do everything possible to ensure success for medical school applicants.

Our MCAT coaching ensures you get your best score. When you are ready to apply, our medical school admissions experts will assist you with all aspects of your applications to give you a powerful edge. We can help with everything from school selection strategy and tactics, to crafting the most effective personal statements possible and acing interviews. We are a group of doctors and medical students from the most elite medical schools who can show you how it is done! We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical standards while giving our clients a powerful competitive advantage in getting into the top programs. Let us help you get there!

Admissions Consulting:

  • Medical school selection strategy and individual application tactics
  • Powerful personal statements that make you stand out
  • Effective and persuasive letters of recommendation, application answers and annexes
  • Get all your advice and editing from top medical school graduates working for YOU!

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Elite MCAT Coaching:

The MCAT coaches at Advantas have only one objective: to help you get the best score possible. Whether you are just beginning to prepare or are trying to get the final extra boost, our individualized coaching will be the best value in terms of both your time and your money.

  • All of our MCAT coaches have scored in the 99th percentile
  • All are extremely effective teachers with an unparalleled ability to transfers their skills to others.
  • Receive a one-hour MCAT consultation absolutely free, with no commitment!

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