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International Admissions and Career Consulting Experts

Services We Provide:

  • Resume/CV evaluation, strategy and editing. Your resume/CV will often be the most important part of your job application. In today’s competitive environment, being qualified for a position is not sufficient for being hired. The job applicant’s resume needs to present his or her skills as favorably as possible, avoiding inconsistencies, typos and grammatical errors. Every professional field is different and each requires its own approach. We will use our extensive international employment and hiring expertise to ensure that your resume/CV makes you look your best. Keeping your specific needs in mind, we will work with you on strategy and content before reviewing and editing the details.
  • Cover Letters. We can help you write a powerful cover letter to accompany your resume/CV that specifically targets the job you are applying for and highlights your relevant skills for your desired position. We can also work with you to create a more general cover letter.
  • Interview Preparation. We can help prepare you for your job interviews by conducting one-on-one mock interviews with you over phone, Skype, QQ, or in person, if possible. Live interviews with our expert consultants and candid feedback are the best way to prepare for frequently asked interview questions, as well as field-specific issues and to ensure you perform your best when it matters.
  • Individual Strategy and Job Placement. We can help you leverage your credentials by identifying job positions that fit your skill-set. Based on our international employment experience and our global network of professionals, we are able to help you put together a targeted and effective job search and connect you with a respected recruiter in your field. Finally, we can advise you on how to utilize personal and online resources to help you in your job search.

To select the services that are right for you, please contact us or read more about our packages.