Law School in the United States

Law schools in the United States are experiencing a steady increase in applications to Juris Doctor (J.D.) programs from international students. This trend is not surprising as more and more gifted students from abroad realize the benefits of a J.D. degree from one of the top law schools. An applicant’s foreign origin can be both an asset and a source of challenges in the application process. Although the J.D. admission process is as rigorous and competitive for foreign students as it is for domestic applicants, an international student’s background can often provide a level of diversity that is very attractive to admissions committees in the United States. On the other hand, the task of achieving high scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and crafting impressive and powerful essays and other application materials is much more difficult for international students who are not native English speakers.

As admissions officers often explain, sufficiently high LSAT scores and undergraduate grades are important and necessary factors to being accepted, but they are not sufficient. Law schools review applications paying close attention to individual answers to application questions. An outstanding application can sometimes compensate for slight deficiencies in grades and LSAT scores, but more importantly, a weak application can easily result in a rejection for an otherwise qualified candidate. Unfortunately, this is an area where international students often struggle and our job is to help each of our clients craft the most effective application materials possible.

All of our consultants are lawyers with international backgrounds who have successfully navigated the challenging process of applying to the most competitive programs in the United States and have helped others do the same. No matter where you need help in the application process, we are here to share our expertise in helping you gain admission to your top choice law schools.