LL.M. Applicants

International Admissions and Career Consulting Experts

The LL.M. or the “Master of Laws” degree in the United States and the United Kingdom is the most popular degree for international attorneys interested in advancing their legal careers. LL.M. students cite several key reasons for pursuing this degree:

  • Specialization: The LL.M. degree allows attorneys to expand their expertise in a particular area of law, such as tax or international law;
  • International legal expertise: LL.M. students are able to gain experience with the Common Law system and expand their understanding of multinational aspects of various practice areas;
  • Connections: A competitive LL.M. program provides a great opportunity to develop valuable professional and personal connections with other highly qualified attorneys – both inside and outside the program;
  • Unlocking career potential: An LL.M. degree from a top institution in the United States or the United Kingdom can open doors worldwide to elite law firms, prestigious companies, academic institutions and government positions;
  • Multinational practice: LL.M. graduates can qualify to take the bar examination and practice in the United States in states such as New York and California if they so choose (some but not all states allow this).

Not surprisingly, the large number of applicants interested in LL.M. programs in the U.S. has made the application process more competitive than ever, subjecting applicant credentials, essays, and other application materials to an unprecedented level of scrutiny. Consequently, expert advice is more important than ever. Guidance and editing assistance from experienced consultants who know what admission committees are looking for will make your application stand out and help shape your personal narrative to place you above the competition. We are constantly impressed by the high quality of applicants we work with and would be honored by an opportunity to share our expertise in guiding you through this process.

All of our consultants are lawyers with international backgrounds who have successfully navigated the challenging process of applying to the most competitive programs in the United States and the United Kingdom and have helped others do the same. No matter where you need help in the application process, we are here to help you gain admission to your top choice law schools.