Why Us?

International Admissions and Career Consulting Experts

Expert Consultants

We believe that our strength lies in our consultants, all of whom are accomplished attorneys with international backgrounds that have been carefully selected for their excellent writing and editing skills. They have all successfully navigated the grueling admissions process at top law schools in the United States and each has obtained either a J.D. or an LL.M from Harvard, Yale, Columbia or NYU. Our consultants have worked for leading law firms such as Skadden, Simpson Thatcher, and Kirkland & Ellis and government agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission. Collectively, we are an unparalleled repository of knowledge about the admissions process, having studied the advice of deans at top law schools and gained valuable insights from inside law school admissions committees. We are constantly keeping up with the trends at different schools so that we can provide our clients with the best application guidance possible.

Great Value

The difference between a highly effective application and a mediocre application can have a profound effect on an attorney’s future. Besides the quality of education and the law school experience, there is a staggering differential in breadth of opportunities and earning potential between graduates of various schools. For this reason, we advise any applicant to have their law school applications reviewed by skilled writers even if they choose not to work with us. Unfortunately, for many applicants, asking a friend or relative is the only option. At Advantas, our clients receive the benefit of a staff having extensive experience with law school admissions, superb writing skills, as well as a level of commitment and diligence that give them a clear advantage. Our rates allow us to attract top lawyers as consultants and, as many of our clients have pointed out, the cost of our services fades in comparison to tuition and the financial implications of admission to a better law school. In fact, even a small scholarship can make our services pay for themselves.

Complete Money Back Guarantee

Based on our experience of helping applicants gain admission to their top choice programs, we are so confident that you will find great value in our work that we can make this promise with confidence. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our services we will refund our fee (excluding Paypal fees or other funds transfer costs). Simply let us know within 24 hours of receiving a draft or up to two hours of service.*


Through dedication, innovation and adoption of collaboration technology we work successfully with clients from across the globe without the need to meet in person. We are based in New York and are able to accommodate your schedule and time zone, providing advice over the phone, Skype, email, Google Documents and other platforms to make working on your application convenient and efficient. Almost all of our clients live across at least one ocean from us, but we have been told that working with us feels as if we are right across the street. We are also able to provide tailor-made solutions for clients with special needs. If you prefer to meet in person or have other unique requests, please get in touch to inquire about premium services or email us at: premium@advantasgroup.com.

Fast Turnaround

Our goal is for each client to feel like our only client. We generally respond to email and schedule Skype sessions in a matter of hours. Our turnaround time for drafts is 24 – 48 hours. If you need rush service, let us know and we can respond even more quickly.

* Subject to certain terms and conditions.